When you’re not actually reporting bad news, but living it

Yes, it may sound cruel to put tragedy and goodness together. But I also believe that sometimes goodness is forged in the darkness, that we are forced to confront the knots in our lives that we've almost forgotten. And maybe it is in these seasons that we learn to let go of the stuff we've been holding on to for far too long, and hold onto the things we've let slip through our fingers.


Heartbreak lessons

In truth, this post could have been written a year and a half ago. But as I learned yesterday, some lessons demand to be taught over and over, simply because as John Green says so eloquently: Pain demands to be felt. 


It was a warm, balmy night (as most Singapore nights go). The humidity hit me as the car rolled out of Changi Airport, and it didn't really register then that I was home. Home, then, was a person. It was a land 6,000km away. It wasn't this island-nation, it wasn't anything I wanted. But there …