A short story: we as in us. (Part 1)

I've never really written fictional stories before, maybe because I believe all stories should have an element of truth. This is part fiction, mostly true, make of it what you will. :)  It's inspired by cold winter nights, the amazing combination of whiskey + apple juice, and a whole bunch of bittersweet memories. It's a story …


Easter 2015: Choosing the Light

I wanted so badly to say I love Jesus and I love the church, broken and beautiful as she is, the bride of Christ. But I couldn’t. One day, I decided to stop running. To just give it up, lay it down. And literally go - okay, God. You win. You always have. You are good. I’m going to stop fighting. I decided to choose the light.

After midnight

Is a blank slate ever possible? This is life's great conundrum, I think - if life won't give us a brand new slate, are we willing to carve one out for ourselves? Are we willing to believe that we can be made new and whole in spite of our shortcomings and brokenness?