Happy 49th birthday, Singapore

It's a curious thing, growing up in two countries. For me, I've never felt like I quite fit in. In Singapore, I was the loud girl who was always a little too opinionated. I chose a not-so-conventional career path, deviating from the usual Business/Law/Engineering majors when it came to my university studies. I'm not a …

Why Valentines’ Day is hard.

Each year when February 14 rolls around, I'm reminded of love that is lost. Of love that should-have-been; could-have-been. Not just relationships that could've flourished but didn't - but Love that didn't weather the cracks. Love that should have rained down on the people who need it the most.

2013: What a difference a year makes.

What a year it has been. We all get nostalgic towards the end of the year - recapping highlights, low moments, looking back at the lessons we've learnt and how we've grown. Along the way, I've often wondered if I made the right choice to stay - but I would not have traded this year for the world.

Measure your life in love.

I recognise that the world is a better place when there is a little positivity - in an encouraging note, a smile to a random stranger, a sincere "How are you", and an unexpected hello. I believe the goodness of God is reflected in the goodness of people, regardless of whether or not they believe in His existence. I believe that Love can change the world, only if we let it.