If you really knew me…

(This post was inspired by a friend’s blog entry, and she was in turn inspired by Running on Happiness.)

If you really knew me…

You’d know that I’m an absolute klutz.

You’d know that I love to sleep, but totally abhor actually going to sleep. Hence, I’m a certified (not really) night owl.

You’d know that I love to cook. Washing up though, is a whole ‘nother story.


If you really knew me…

You’d know that I am both extroverted and introverted all at once. A friend once asked if I’m a public/private or private/public person. It took me awhile to understand the concept, but public/private people are those who seem very open about their lives but are actually really private. Private/public people are the opposite, of course.

I’m a public/private person.

You’d know that I’m a Christian – and that I’m definitely not a perfect person. I mess up. I am not okay sometimes. But in the midst of hardship and joy; triumphs and trials, I believe in a God who loves this world more than it can imagine, who sent us a Saviour – Jesus.

You’d know that I try to be objective (the journalist in me, perhaps). I try, but sometimes fail.


If you really knew me…

You’d know I believe the world is divided into people who love either vanilla or chocolate.

I’m a chocolate person.

You’d know my drinks of choice are: A flat white, mocha, or water. And the occasional tea.

You’d know my favourite meal of the day is brunch.

You’d know that social causes inspire me greatly.


If you really knew me…

You’d know I prefer to use lower-case when typing (more on that later).

You’d be able to tell when my writing is fueled by passion.

You’d also know that grammatical errors and bad headlines make me cringe.


If you really knew me…

You’d know that few things make me happier than curling up in bed and finishing a book.

That sunsets make me smile.

That I love roadtrips, because I love travelling on a wide open road with the wind in my face.

You’d know that I love to sing. And I know that it’s embarrassing when I start singing out loud. (Sorry, friends!)

You’d know I love meaningful conversations with almost anyone.


If you really knew me…

You’d know that I hate failure, but acknowledge it is part of life.

You’d know that I hate endings and goodbyes, but understand they are necessary.

You’d know that I believe hope is ever-present, and that love never fails.


7 Replies to “If you really knew me…”

  1. Check out this NTU Chronical headline: “Complains about NTU lecturers growing ugly” LOL My linguistic prof. cited this as a lexical ambiguity hahahhaa super hilarious.

      1. You’re fast! :D We’re online at the same time! Hahaha and, it was supposed to be a true news story HAHA. Epic right?

      2. Goodness. Can’t believe that’s a news story – wonder what the angle was. Too much stress, perhaps? On both the students and lecturers. Haha.

  2. I have a typo. Chronicle* Gees. HAHA. And yay Diane! Free from exams! Will look forward to a very long and satisfying catch up facetime soon okay! :D

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