Cultural diversity of increasing importance in Glen Eira

In recent years, Glen Eira’s population has seen an increase in overseas-born dwellers. In the 2006 Census Community Profile Series on the city of Glen Eira, it was reported that there was a 3.98% increase in population from 2001. Within this population increase, the number of overseas-born residents in Glen Eira has also grown.

Data source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

These residents mainly hail from China, India, South Africa, and Israel. In 2001, there were 1604 Chinese-born residents in Glen Eira. This has increased to 2787 residents. Similarly, there has been a marked increase in Indian, South African and Israeli-born residents.

Percentage of those who agree or strongly agree with the above statement. Data source: Community Indicators Victoria

According to Community Indicators Victoria, over 93 per cent of Glen Eira residents think this is good news. In the 2007 Community Indicators Victoria Survey, Glen Eira residents were asked if they agreed “it is a good thing for a society to be made up of people from different cultures”. 93.1 per cent of those living in Glen Eira either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement.
In comparison, 88.8 per cent of those living in Southern Metro Victoria and 89.4 per cent of Victorian residents agreed with the same statement.


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