rainy days.

melbourne at 1.20pm; and again at 1.45pm.

i’ve always liked the rain.

the way ominous black clouds would roll across the sky, when thunder would clap and lightning strike, sometimes rendering the house into complete darkness.

the pitter-patter of raindrops as they made their way to earth.

and as i grew older, i learned to walk through the rain without an umbrella, ignoring my mum’s warnings that i would fall sick. strangely enough, i don’t think i’ve ever fallen ill from walking in the rain – although i shouldn’t try that for much longer.

and of course sitting by the window, snuggled under a thick, warm comforter with a cup of tea in hand on a rainy day. who would love that? it would be an almost-perfect day.

i realise i haven’t written for awhile now.

amidst the busyness of life – school, assignments, work, and falling ill – it’s taken me awhile to sit down and take stock. take stock of what? you may ask.

of life. 

of love.

of what i want to chase after.

and it surprised me that i haven’t been doing the very things that make my heart sing: make music, and to write for no particular reason at all.

so do accept my apologies if this post doesn’t make much sense.

it rained intermittently today. first a roaring, pouring storm, easing into a slight drizzle. then a sudden storm that came out of nowhere, amid a sunny afternoon. and another shower that descended upon earth in the dark of night.

as it rained, i found myself wanting to walk through the rain without shelter.

because sometimes, rain reminds me that no matter how much we try to shelter ourselves, we are going to get wet someday. and sometimes, being in the moment is better than missing the moment altogether.

but of course sensible friends remind me that there is indeed an umbrella in my bag, and i should make full use of it.

as much as i complain about the schizophrenic weather in melbourne, i sometimes do enjoy the unpredictability of it. sometimes. because there will be days that sleets of water decide to fall from the heavens, days that you do not wish to get out of bed, and once in a very very long while one will give in to that desire.

today wasn’t one of those days. i ventured outside despite the rain. but, i do look forward to the next rainy day. (:


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