another new start, let’s say hello!

treatyourselftobrunch marks my fifth official blog. i remember blogging my way through a vast array of hosts – blogger, livejournal, and the now-defunct diaryland and diary-x were my favourites because of the function where one could lock their entire blog. each blog represents a different phase of life, and while some have been deleted, i’ve locked some up to laugh at old memories and see how far we’ve all come.

it is such a privilege to be able to do what you love, and i’m doing just that. from a young age, i’ve had many dreams. at one stage, i was all set to be a stewardess with singapore airlines, until my parents crushed that idea. (that said, i have an enormous respect for airline crew. their dedication combined with the pressures of the job is indeed admirable.) then i wanted to be a florist, but my dad said he did not fork out an enormous amount of cash for me to stare at flowers all day. after learning that i have a passable singing voice, i thought i could be a professional choir conductor.

but now, i am a journalist-in-training. that means i make mistakes all the time; i end up feeling dejected after getting crap marks in university. all of that’s okay though, because it’s part of the learning process. and i get to do what i love: i write.

this is how i make sense of things. writing. prayer. oh, and chocolate.

a friend once sent me this quote by james reston:

how can i know what i think until i read what i write?

that’s somewhat true of me, and i’ve been known to be too verbose. perhaps i can make a career out of the very words that make up a life.

thank you to those who have read my writing from the beginning, when i ramble on about nonsensical things. and thank you to those who start reading from now, who tolerate my sometimes-cliche descriptions. and lastly a huge thank you to those who make this, all of this, a reality.

let’s go on this journey together.


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