Easter 2015: Choosing the Light

I wanted so badly to say I love Jesus and I love the church, broken and beautiful as she is, the bride of Christ. But I couldn’t. One day, I decided to stop running. To just give it up, lay it down. And literally go - okay, God. You win. You always have. You are good. I’m going to stop fighting. I decided to choose the light.


This Easter, what does death mean to you?

...the Cross is a reminder that life on earth is transient - even for arguably the most famous man that walked this earth. That we can choose to look beyond ourselves, and know there is hope even in death.

We are not all heroes.

Amidst luxury brands and high street stores Singapore's Orchard Road is famous for sits an old lady just outside Mandarin Gallery peddling an assortment of eclectic wares. From packets of tissue paper to a bottle of dark soy sauce, I always wondered why she chose such a spot (without shelter) to sell her stuff. But …


i left the church to find Jesus.

six months ago, i decided to leave church. it was something that'd been brewing in my mind for awhile now. eighteen months, to be precise. please don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with my old church. it is home to an internationally-renowned contemporary christian music band, and i belonged to one of australia's fastest …